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Superheroes and criminals

MoviesPosted by Moose 2009-06-01 15:13

Besides sports I’ve also watched a bunch of movies. Although april was a slow month, as I only watched four movies, half of which I’d seen before (Life of Brian and Live Free or Die Hard). Seuls Two was completely new to me. It was a French slapstick-like movie about a cop and a criminal chasing each other through the empty streets of Paris. I’d only bought it because it had a race car on the cover, but it was actually rather entertaining. And the police officer had a passion for curling! The fourth movie of the month was The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. It’s as long as the title, but that’s to be expected from a western. Good acting though and as usual beautiful pictures of the classic American landscapes.

I picked up the pace in May, with nine movies, including three ‘reruns’ (Tropic Thunder, Perfume: the Story of a Murderer and Not Without My Daughter, which had made an impact on me in my teens, but was a bit too overdramatized for me now). It was a bit of a grim month though. Gomorra is a documentary style movie about the Italian camorra (a similar organisation to the maffia, but nothing like Hollywood usually portrays this subject). Gone Baby Gone tells a story about a child gone missing, but also deals with corruption and moral dilemmas. The Dark Knight is comic book adaption, but doesn’t but the emphasis on special effects and heroic action, instead it features a strong storyline with interesting characters that almost seem realistic. Iron Man is the complete opposite of that. It does try to present a deeper plot in relation to the war on terror, but in the end it’s just another superhero story. Much like Quantum of Solace, the newest James Bond movie, which features a lot of action, but doesn’t appeal to the mind. Finally I saw Scent of a Woman on TV. Going by the title I was expecting some kind of mushy romantic flick, but it’s actually quite a funny movie in which Al Pacino plays a blind army man, who acts like an asshole, but turns out to be a likeable guy.

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Cars and violence

MoviesPosted by Moose 2009-03-26 16:19

I’ve finally seen Cars. I like animation movies and I like cars, so I’ve meaning to watch it for a long time, but never got around to it. When I got to choose a welcoming gift for a movie magazine I subscribed to I figured it would be a good choice, because Disney movies don’t usually drop much in prices. Anyhow, it was a nice movie. The animation was pretty impressive and racing cars are always fun to watch. Although Death Race 2000 is the exception that proves the rule. A dreadful movie about a couple of cars trying to score points by running over civilians. It’s supposed to be a cult movie, but it’s even too awful to be funny.

It’s not that I don’t like violent movies. Because I also watched Evil Dead. Also a classic and I can see why. Although the story and special effects have been caught up with time, it does have some well thought out moments. A modern day classic is 3:10 to Yuma. Actually it’s a remake of a western from the 50’s. But the quality of filming and acting gives it new relevance. Because I’d done an interview with a Roman soldier (not a real one of course, but an actor from the Archeon museum) and wrote a story about a biking trail along the former border of the Roman Empire I also watched Gladiator again. A long sit, but superbly shot. More violence in Eastern Promises. A story about a nurse who gets involved with the Russian mafia. Harsh, but powerful.

The same can be said about Requiem for a Dream, although this movie isn’t about violence but about addiction. Drugs play a prominent role, but so does television. It gives a nice insight in how people can get destroyed by losing control of their own situation. In Be Kind Rewind the characters of Mos Def and Jack Black also lose control, but they find an ingenious solution. When all the tapes in their movie store are erased they decide to ‘swede’ them. In other words they make their own version. The story is a bit outdated, since hardly anybody still watched videos, but it’s beautifully made.

I also rewatched Big Fish, Ali G Indahouse, Pulp Fiction, A Night at the Roxbury and O Brother Where Art Thou.

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Movie madness

MoviesPosted by Moose 2009-02-03 15:21

I’ve started the year on a high pace regarding watching movies. I’m gonna try to go through them quickly. Last year ended with the very entertaining Die Hard 4.0 and the intriguing Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead. I can understand why these movies ended up in a lot of top ten lists of 2008. Another movie often featured on those lists was Juno, but I found it a bit disappointing. It’s cute, but nothing really remarkable.

I’ve seen worse though, like Ice Age: The Melltdown, Taking Lives, The Librarian: Quest for the Spear and Welcome to the Jungle, with The Rock and Seann William Scott. The only reason I didn’t include Southland Tales, with the same actors and many more, in the same list is because of its wicked soundtrack, with songs by Muse, Elbow, Blur, The Killers and Jane’s Addiction. The plot, or lack of, wasn’t as bad as some reviews imply. However the movie wasn’t funny enough to be a comedy and too far-fetched to be able to take it seriously, so the plan of the makers to make a political satire failed miserably.

I was made aware of the existence of this movie by reading the book My Boring-ass Life, the Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith as he plays a small role in the film. He also stars in Catch And Release and after reading his journal entries about making the movie (in Vancouver) I was curious to see what it was like. A standard romcom. I also watched Clerks II again, as it’s also featured prominently in the book. Also sort of a romcom, but a bit more extraordinary, especially the donkey show.

To continue the Kevin Smith run, I gave Chasing Amy another spin. Although it’s widely considered his best work, I don’t see why. Sure, he writes good and often funny dialogue, but in my view a movie needs a bit more than that, like a purpose or at least a direction in which it’s heading, instead of just a bunch of people blabbering about their emotions. That’s what books are for. Another movie that was a bit too sensitive for me was My Own Private Idaho. On the other hand, I did enjoy Alles Is Liefde, the Dutch equivalent of Love Actually.

Movies I didn’t expect much from, but turned out to be surprisingly good, were Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, The 51st State and The Ladykillers. The latter is often said to be the weakest work of the Coen Brothers, but I disagree. Tom Hanks could have gone a bit less over-the-top, but the story is as bizarre as you expect from the Coens, with the typical surprising twists and things going horribly wrong.

In Once Were Warriors everything goes wrong too, but it’s not funny at all. It’s the very realistic story of a Maori family, with a violent father, a mother that finally realizes she has to stand up for herself (instead of ‘keeping her mouth shut and legs open’), and children who are having to deal with a lot of excessive violence. It’s strongly shows that not everything in New Zealand is as pretty as it looks and that some things are truly ‘all black’.

Speaking of black things from New Zealand, Black Sheep is a very entertaining horror flick in the style of Brain Dead and Shaun of the Dead. An experiment with genetically manipulating sheep runs out of hand and soon a beautiful green meadow is transformed into a bloody gore fest. Fortunately the outbreak can be stopped by the hero of the movie. In Resident Evil: Extinction a similar world threatening virus has already created havoc on earth. But there are still a couple of people who aren’t infected and are trying to avoid the bloodthirsty zombies. But sometimes they have to confront them to gain access to natural resources. Although the fight scenes are quite spectacular, the movie never gets really exciting or scary as there isn’t an imminent threat.

The lovely creatures in the Valley of Peace are being threatened in Kung Fu Panda. But cuddly panda bear Po, an animated version of Jack Black, defeats the vile Tai Lung so everyone can return safely to their (crushed) home. I’d already seen it in cinema and now I’ve got it on dvd. The special features provide an interesting insight to how the movie was created. The creation of a totally different kind of movie plays a key role in The Girl Next Door, where a former porn star played by Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert moves next door to an innocent high school kid. One thing leads to another and before you know it they have to outsmart an evil porn producer. Pretty tacky, but it’s not nearly as immature and lame as Not Another Teen Movie or Employee of the Month.

Finally, with the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver approaching I’ve extended my movie collection with some movies about winter sports. Of course I already had the classic curling comedy Men With Brooms and ice skating spoof Blades Of Glory, but now I’ve added the bobsleighing blockbuster Cool Runnings and some ice hockey action in the form of Sudden Death (although the hockey game isn’t the main feature of the film), Mystery, Alaska and Miracle, the story of the American Olympic team of 1980 who beat the Soviets against all odds. Very patriotic of course, but the hockey footage is great and it’s interesting to see the backgrounds of a team and especially their coach that accomplished something truly special. Can’t wait to see some real live hockey now.

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Moose 97 Movies

MoviesPosted by Moose 2009-01-08 18:32

Another year has gone, so it's time for a new Moose 97 Movies. It's been a good year for movies, with two releases from the Coen Brothers, No Country For Old Men and Burn After Reading and many other noteworthy pictures, like There Will Be Blood, Into The Wild, Before The Devil Knows You're Dead and Die Hard 4.0. But of course only movies I actually own are eligible for this chart, so that leads to the following list. In brackets is the position from last year.

1 Fargo (1)
2 No Country For Old Men (-)
3 Team America: World Police (6)
4 Little Miss Sunshine (-)
5 The Big Lebowski (2)
6 March of the Penguins (3)
7 Almost Famous (-)
8 This Is Spinal Tap (4)
9 Men With Brooms (25)
10 Dogma (23)
11 Clerks (24)
12 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (18)
13 Spaceballs (20)
14 Hot Fuzz (-)
15 Road Trip (19)
16 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (58)
17 The Edukators (28)
18 Goodbye Lenin (-)
19 High Fidelity (5)
20 Cruel Intentions (12)
21 Kill Bill Vol. 2 (7)
22 Kill Bill Vol. 1 (8)
23 The Proposition (10)
24 Planet Terror (-)
25 Death Proof (-)
26 Sin City (9)
27 Pulp Fiction (11)
28 Twelve Monkeys (45)
29 V For Vendetta (63)
30 Love Actually (-)
31 Lost In Translation (15)
32 Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (32)
33 Trainspotting (33)
34 Snatch (22)
35 Life Of Brian (48)
36 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (17)
37 Crash (14)
38 The Usual Suspects (-)
39 The Bourne Identity (-)
40 Memento (44)
41 The Man Who Wasn’t There (-)
42 Being John Malkovich (21)
43 Magnolia (13)
44 Fight Club (31)
45 American History X (39)
46 Saw (40)
47 Scream (41)
48 The Grudge (65)
49 Cloverfield (-)
50 The Shawshank Redemption (36)
51 Walk The Line (37)
52 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (35)
53 Big Fish (-)
54 Don Juan de Marco (16)
55 Donnie Darko (54)
56 The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (53)
57 The Island (-)
58 Ghost World (30)
59 American Beauty (29)
60 The Hole (64)
61 Wild Things (42)
62 Boogie Nights (61)
63 Zodiac (38)
64 Sleepy Hollow (-)
65 Bowling For Columbine (27)
66 Go (34)
67 Lola Rennt (46)
68 Grand Prix (81)
69 Le Mans (-)
70 Talladega Nights (78)
71 Top Secret (-)
72 The Three Amigos (-)
73 Once Upon A Time In The West (-)
74 300 (-)
75 The Cassandra Crossing (-)
76 Jurassic Park (90)
77 Snakes On A Plane (92)
78 Raising Arizona (-)
79 Blood Simple (-)
80 Three Kings (52)
81 The Mummy (91)
82 Transformers (-)
83 Starship Troopers (51)
84 Can’t Hardly Wait (69)
85 Mallrats (-)
86 Empire Records (73)
87 The Suburbans (-)
88 It’s All Gone Pete Tong (74)
89 Wayne’s World (57)
90 School of Rock (72)
91 Happy Gilmore (75)
92 Dodgeball (76)
93 Blades Of Glory (77)
94 Canadian Bacon (26)
95 Garfield (70)
96 The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle (-)
97 Welcome To Mooseport (-)

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Movie update: death is all around

MoviesPosted by Moose 2008-12-02 20:35

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Tragic stories can be turned into beautiful movies. Into the Wild tells the tale of Christopher McCandless, a bright student who’s fed up with the hypocrisy of society and dreams of living on his own in Alaska. After a two year journey through the States he reaches his goal. Despite the demanding conditions he’s found his happiness, but when it’s time to leave he makes a couple of irreversible mistakes. Coupled with the majestic landscapes and the fitting soundtrack (including original songs by Eddie Vedder) it makes you think about life, happiness and making certain decisions.

Burn After Reading, the new movie by the Coen Brothers, can be best described in three words: ‘what the fuck’. That description also covers about half of the dialogue in the movie. As usual the Coens portray an accumulation of absurd events that go horribly wrong. Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt play fitness instructors who get a copy of a disc with ‘secret CIA shit’ and try to blackmail John Malkovich, who has just been sacked by the CIA because of his drinking problem and erratic behaviour. Both parties are linked by George Clooney, a womanizing Treasury agent. Indeed, it doesn’t make much sense, but in the end everything falls into place.

Shaun of the Dead is a lot less complicated, but just as funny. It’s a parody of the horror/zombie genre, but instead of making fun of the characteristic elements of those movies, the makers incorporate them in a well-written comedy.

Although it isn’t what the film makers had in mind, Sudden Death turns out to be pretty funny as well. Jean Claude van Damme plays a fire marshal at a hockey arena who saves all the spectators from evil terrorists who intend to blow the place up if they don’t receive their money. Van Damme is the only one in the arena who’s got a clue what’s going on, while everyone else is enticed by the Stanley Cup final between the Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins, even when Van Damme takes over goaltending duties in an effort to avoid some accomplices of the villain. The best part of the movie however is when Van Damme takes down one of the bad guys (or rather girl) who’s dressed as team mascot Iceburgh by throwing her in an industrial dishwasher.

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Movie Explosion: Jaguar special

MoviesPosted by Moose 2008-11-01 15:58

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One thing I noticed about the movies I’ve seen lately is that a lot of them feature Jaguar cars. From James Bond, who drives an Aston Martin himself, and Hot Fuzz, where former Bond-actor Timothy Dalton drives an Jaguar, to Intolerable Cruelty and Match Point. Here are some short reviews of those movies and others:

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Ben Stiller and Jack Black in the same movie can either mean an incredible amount of fun or an overload of lame jokes and silly behaviour. Tropic Thunder fortunately offers the first. With an extra bonus in the form of Robert Downey Jr. playing an Australian actor that literally gets into the skin of the black soldier he’s portreying (who at a certain point in the movie disguises himself as an Asian). But interestingly enough the supporting actors steal the show with some of the best lines and moves. The movie is about the making of a movie about the Vietnam war. In a very funny way it ridicules the behaviour of Hollywood superstars and pretentious moviemakers.

A British equivalent is Hot Fuzz. Instead of war movies, this British picture (by the makers of Shaun of the Dead) spoofs cop movies like Lethal Weapon, Bad Boys II and Point Break. I expected them go over-the-top, but the first part of the movie is actually quite cynical. When the big secret of the village is revealed (the greater good) it goes completely ballistic though.

Over-the-top is certainly a word that can be used to describe Wanted. The story doesn’t make any sense, something about sinistre fraternity that follows the orders of a magic loom, but that’s completely irrelevant, because the movie is all about spectacular action scenes, exciting chases and lots of explosions shot from interesting and innovative angles. And in that field it raises the standards.

Transformers is also all about action. But despite the weak and predictable storyline I was pleasantly surprised. As a kid I was of course a big fan of the toys and cartoons and they managed to translate this nostalgic feeling to the big screen. The movie doesn’t take itself very seriously, there are a lot of clever jokes, which makes it enjoyable to watch. Pretty much the same goes for The Dukes of Hazzard, although it’s a bit more corny.

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National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets does pretend to have an interesting and though-provoking storyline, but it’s so far-fetched and historically inaccurate it’s more distracting than adding excitement to the otherwise entertaining adventure of Nicolas Cage and his friends (and enemies). It’s good to see James Bond has dropped al the shenanigans and has gone back to basic with Casino Royale. With the new Bond-movie coming out soon it was about time I gave it a go. Daniel Craig is very different to his predecessors. At first I thought this was going to make him an odd choice, but I have to say he plays the part well in his own way. Bond seems more human and even fallible. Although the opening sequence is a bit out of place and the huge amount of product placement makes it look like the movie actually contains advertisement blocks.

Movies that are shown from different perspectives or where various storylines come together in the end, can be very interesting, like Crash. But it’s important that the separate stories contain new elements or surprising twists. Vantage Point fails to deliver this. It’s just the same segment shown five times again from a slightly different angle and it’s hardly a surprise when the plot unfolds. Half way into the movie the makers throw the whole concept overboard and the conclusion is a straight-forward action movie including the standard chase scene. You’d expect more from a cast including Dennis Quaid, Sigourney Weaver, Matthew Fox and Laurence Fishburn.

After Vantage Point I wanted to watch Gone Baby Gone, but the rental dvd (or the player according to the video store) turned out to be corrupted. It skipped every couple of seconds. The video store refused to refund our money or let us try another copy, so this was probably the last time I rented a movie. It’s almost as expensive as buying anyways and the selection is rather limited. Mostly movies I’ve seen before or have no intention of seeing ever. And I don’t want the only exciting thing about a movie to be whether it will play or not.

Bruce Willis is once more the washed-out cop that likes to take things in his own hands, like we know him from Die Hard and Sin City in 16 Blocks. But although he’s done the same trick again (and again), it’s a role that suits him so it doesn’t get tedious. Alongside him Mos Def also does what he’s good at, playing a slightly annoying, but intriguing character. Kiefer Sutherland saved his career by getting the lead role in hit series 24, but his appearance in Mirrors shows why that’s basically the only thing he’s famous for. He doesn’t manages to create any sympathy for his character, a former cop that’s been suspended for shooting someone and tries to dig himself out of a hole by taking a job as a night guard at a burned-down warehouse. But it’s not just his fault this is a poor movie. The story about the spooky warehouse and evil mirrors is not just very lame, but also badly worked out.

I though Intolerable Cruelty was one of the few movies by the Coen Brothers I hadn’t seen before. But I was wrong. I’d see it on television before, but probably didn’t remember it and associate it with the Coens because it’s nowhere near as good as most of their other work. Not that it’s bad, just not as excquisite as for instance Fargo or No Country For Old Men. More a basic comedy.

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A movie I really hadn’t seen before, despite it being shown on television regularly was Entrapment. Although I did want to see it, it’s not a movie I was going to stay home for. And rightly so as it turned out to be. It’s a nice way to fill an empty evening, but not worth setting aside other plans. Another night when I had a couple of hours to spare, I watched High Fidelity again. I’d just read (finally) read the book by Nick Hornby and it was interesting to compare. I’ll probably be mocked for saying this, but I prefer the movie. The book is nice too, but the movie is flashier and you can actually hear the, mostly obscure, music that’s mentioned.

Where High Fidelity shows that it’s possible to bring an English story to the States, Match Point proves it doesn’t work the other way around. Woody Allen intended the movie to be about New York, but switched to London to gain access to film funds. The England he portrays however is obviously shaped the way an American imagines it to be. However, apart from the pompous dialogues and old-fashioned stereotypes, it’s a good movie, because the story is refreshing and provocative.

As you can see I don’t just watch lame comedies and explosion-filled action movies. And to prove this once again, I conclude with multiple Oscar-winner There Will Be Blood. If it hadn’t been for No Country For Old Men it would have probably even more awards, but I agree with the Academy that the latter is slightly better. But There Will Be Blood is also of exceptional quality, with tremendous acting skills by both Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Dano.

Coming Soon: Into the Wild, Burn After Reading, Resident Evil: Extinction and hopefully many more.

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Lights, camera, action...

MoviesPosted by Moose 2008-09-12 16:25

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After completing the game Tomb Raider Legend I thought it would be nice to watch the Tomb Raider movie again. Although I should say ‘a Tomb Raider movie’ because it turned out to be the sequel, called The Cradle of Life. A plain adventure movie in the same style as the computer games. Lots of climbing, acrobatic jumps, explosions and shooting at enemies. I don’t what was harder though, finishing the game or sitting through this entire implausible movie.

The night before I’d seen The Island on television. A similar movie in more ways than the presence of Djimon Hounsou. The second part of this Michael Bay feature also contains a lot of action, fighting and special effects. The first part however is all about science-fiction. A colony of people lives in a depressing, prison-like facility, supposedly because the rest of the world is contaminated. Except for one island, where they can go after winning a random ‘lottery’. Of course this isn’t the paradise they had envisioned, but a completely different destiny. Ewan McGregor somehow gets on to something and brings his dear friend Scarlett Johansson along for the ride.

More, literally, animated action and fighting can be found in Kung Fu Panda. In this Dreamworks picture Jack Black lends his voice to a cuddly panda bear who dreams of becoming a kung fu warrior and by coincidence gets the chance to use his powers to save his precious town from a nasty villain. The movie starts out a bit slow and lame, but eventually the pace picks up and the jokes becoming more amusing. This definitely can’t be said about Jackass 2.5. It’s a compilation of all the stunts that weren’t good enough for the second movie, or even the special features on the dvd, and now we can see why. The only interesting bits are the parts where the ‘actors’ explain why the stunts failed.

As you might remember I picked up almost the entire collection of movies by the Coen brothers when I was in London. It started off good with Blood Simple and got even better with Raising Arizona. And I actually expected this movie to be one of the weakest, because I’m not too crazy about Nicolas Cage and it’s about babies and I hear enough of their highly ‘entertaining’ adventures at work. However this movie turned out to be hilarious. Not as thought-provoking as most of the Coens other movies, but just an amusing string of bizarre events.

Although the movies are set in entirely different locations and timeframes, the style of the Coen Brothers is always obvious. Stretched-out stories with a lot of attention for details, a sinister tone, surprising twists and erudite dialogues. Even white scum like Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona talks like he’s a nineteenth century poet. And there’s a lot of overlap in actors. John Turturro for instance, is one of the character’s in the gangster movie Miller’s Crossing but also plays the lead role in Barton Fink, about a playwright who tries to sell out his talents in Hollywood. His adversary in that movie, John Goodman, is a supporting actor in Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski and O Brother Where Art Thou. A movie that’s a bit out of synch with the others is The Hudsucker Proxy. It does have some of the elements mentioned earlier, but it’s not as strong and convincing.

And finally in this update, a movie that can’t be left out of my collection: Welcome to Mooseport. Of course the movie itself isn’t as good as the title, but it wasn’t all bad either. Local plumber Ray Romano takes on former president Gene Hackmann to become mayor of the quite town of Mooseport and win the heart of Maura Tierney. Former Wonder Years-star Fred Savage also appears.

Coming soon: Transformers, Wanted

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London, New York and Will Smith

MoviesPosted by Moose 2008-07-16 20:57

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London plays a big part in this movie update. As I’ve bought a stack of movies there, watched Hancock at Leicester Square and saw Wimbledon on television. Other recurring elements are Will Smith and New York.

I’ve just made of start of watching my newly acquired movies with Blood Simple, the first movie of the Coen Brothers. For a movie from 1984 it was still pretty good. A little dated, but that didn’t have any effect on the solid story. A bit slow at times, but that’s just their style. It reminded me a lot of No Country For Old Men, but with less budget and humour. Although some situations were strangely funny. The movie is about a jealous husband who hires a private investigator to kill his wife and her new boyfriend, but from then on things don’t turn out to be as simple as planned.

On the opposite end of the predictability scale we find Wimbledon. A straight-forward love story about a tennis player who’s ready for retirement, but then meets a girl who lifts his game. Of course there are some glitches in their relationship, but everything turns out alright. Another sports movie I watched, with even less storylines is Le Mans. A classic documentary-style film about one of the most famous car races in the world. It provides a very interesting insight in the racing world of the seventies.

A decade later far more serious business was going on in East-Germany. Das Leben der Anderen gives an insightful and emotional look behind the scenes of the Stasi party. It also makes you think again about the current developments regarding privacy and security.

Speaking of security threats, it looks like the memories of 9/11 have faded away enough to start destroying New York in movies. The skyline has always been a beloved backdrop for disaster and action movies. But after it was attacked in real life it wasn’t as pleasing anymore. However, New York has fought back and has once again become a prominent place in Hollywood. On one evening I’ve watched Manhattan being destroyed not once, but twice. First in Cloverfield. Shot from the point of view of the main characters with a digital handheld camera (at least that’s that they try to make you believe), it’s quite shaky and hectic, but somehow the not too bright, drunk gut that films most of the time, manages to get great shots of the thing that’s creating havoc in Manhattan. The story is simple, the acting is mediocre, but the special effects are amazing. New York was again in trouble in I Am Legend, when a virus that was supposed to cure cancer has turned almost all humans into bloodthirsty monsters. No, it’s not a zombie movie like Resident Evil, it actually has some depth, although the plot is fairly weak and the ending not very convincing.

More Will Smith in Hancock, a somewhat different kind of superhero movie. Just like in I Am Legend the main character is portrayed by Smith. But where he was determined to save the world in the first movie, in this movie he isn’t that motivated, even though he has tremendous powers. Especially in the first part of the movie this leads to some hilarious, over-the-top action scenes. Unfortunately the final part isn’t nearly as funny and interesting.

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