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Going to Wintersleep

MusicPosted by Moose 2009-06-01 15:12

Johan made a good impression on me the first time I saw them live, so I went to check them out again. They’d just released their new album 4, which was as good as their previous three albums. This time they played a regular rocking set, and instead of a ‘greatest hits’ show the majority of the set list consisted of new songs. At the same venue, Rotown in Rotterdam, I also saw A Brand. A Belgian band, that has an usual set-up with all five guys (including the drummer) on the front of the stage. They also like to dress up in shiny suits, which makes them look like a wedding band, especially as they play a couple of cover songs. Rotown was also one of the venues of the Motel Mozaique festival. But we started the night at Watt, where A Place To Bury Strangers almost deafened us. Then we went to Rotown for Handsome Furs. Being Canadian was the only good thing about them. So we quickly went to the Schouwburg to be in time for Royksopp. This meant however we had to sit through half of the dreadful show of Fever Ray. Royksopp was alright, but not as powerful as when I saw them at the Lowlands festival a couple of years ago.

I’ve also been to Beirut. Not the city in Lebanon, but the band of the same name (which is why this is in the Music category). I’d expected the worse, so it was a pleasant surprise that they were actually pretty good. Although it did get a bit dull after a while. A bit more variation couldn’t have hurt. Especially since they brought a wide array of instruments along. It was one of the few concerts I’ve been to without anyone playing a guitar. No lack of guitars a couple of days earler at the Waerdse Tempel. The Shavers are back, after their obese singer underwent surgery and can stand up almost straight again, and joined The Spades, on their farewell tour, and Peter Pan Speedrock for an evening of hard rock in Heerhugowaard. Beer flowed freely and the public got more rowdy as the night progressed.

As you can see another eclectic mix of concerts. And because I’ve just about seen everything I can think of musicwise I’ve decided to announce my retirement from going to shows of obscure bands. This doesn’t mean I’ll never go to another concert again. But I’m going to stick to artists I’m familiar with and skip the acts that are supposedly good but turn out to be horrible and bands that I know one song of, which turns out to be the only decent track they have. So, to finish off my club circuit career I chose the aptly named Canadian band Wintersleep. Aptly named, because it would be my final show of this kind, not because their music is sleep inducing. In that respect the opening act, The Miserable Rich, would be better of with the name of the headliner. Anyways, it was a good show and a fitting way to celebrate my retirement (which doesn’t count for shows abroad and music festivals).

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