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Superheroes and criminals

MoviesPosted by Moose 2009-06-01 15:13

Besides sports I’ve also watched a bunch of movies. Although april was a slow month, as I only watched four movies, half of which I’d seen before (Life of Brian and Live Free or Die Hard). Seuls Two was completely new to me. It was a French slapstick-like movie about a cop and a criminal chasing each other through the empty streets of Paris. I’d only bought it because it had a race car on the cover, but it was actually rather entertaining. And the police officer had a passion for curling! The fourth movie of the month was The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. It’s as long as the title, but that’s to be expected from a western. Good acting though and as usual beautiful pictures of the classic American landscapes.

I picked up the pace in May, with nine movies, including three ‘reruns’ (Tropic Thunder, Perfume: the Story of a Murderer and Not Without My Daughter, which had made an impact on me in my teens, but was a bit too overdramatized for me now). It was a bit of a grim month though. Gomorra is a documentary style movie about the Italian camorra (a similar organisation to the maffia, but nothing like Hollywood usually portrays this subject). Gone Baby Gone tells a story about a child gone missing, but also deals with corruption and moral dilemmas. The Dark Knight is comic book adaption, but doesn’t but the emphasis on special effects and heroic action, instead it features a strong storyline with interesting characters that almost seem realistic. Iron Man is the complete opposite of that. It does try to present a deeper plot in relation to the war on terror, but in the end it’s just another superhero story. Much like Quantum of Solace, the newest James Bond movie, which features a lot of action, but doesn’t appeal to the mind. Finally I saw Scent of a Woman on TV. Going by the title I was expecting some kind of mushy romantic flick, but it’s actually quite a funny movie in which Al Pacino plays a blind army man, who acts like an asshole, but turns out to be a likeable guy.

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