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Holy Moses, what a mountain!

TravelPosted by Moose 2009-06-17 15:43

In the middle of the Sinai desert lies Moses Mountain, the second highest mountain of Egypt and supposedly the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. Historically and geographically it's very unlikely that this is indeed true, but is has more a symbolic meaning. At the base of the mountain is the very old St. Catherine's Monastry, which is still in use. It's build on the place where Moses saw the burning bush and talked to God (or something like that, I was never very good in religion and history and the German-speaking guide didn't help much either).

Anyways, we arrived at the monastry around 2 am, so we could climb the mountain at night, when it wasn't as hot and see the 'magical' sunrise from the top. Although I certainly didn't expect it to be an easy stroll, I was still a bit surprised by how tough it was on the first stretch. But once we got going in a solid pace and I saw more and more people struggling, while I was feeling quite alright, my spirit was lifted. We kept the right pace to experience the sunrise from the summit. The last bit was the most difficult, with 750 'steps' made out of rocks. This was also the trickiest part going down, but we took our time and because the sun had come up in the meanwhile it was much easier to see what was coming. After the steps it was a relatively easy downhill, but because of the heat and fatigue it was still challenging.

Finally we arrived back at the monastry, where we could enjoy our breakfast boxes we got from the hotel and had to wait for the official tour around the facility. For an atheist like me, there wasn't all that much to see. Just a little chapel, a lush bush and some other artifacts. So went to the cafetaria and had a fruit juice until we could get on the bus to go back to our hotel.

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