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Olympic Countdown

TravelPosted by Moose 2010-02-01 16:44

Just a couple of weeks to go before the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver (and Whistler)! I’ll still be in Netherlands during the first week of the Games, but at least I don’t have to go to work and I can watch everything on (digital) television.

I fly from Amsterdam to Vancouver on February 22nd. The next day I’ll mostly be at the Vancouver Olympic Centre for the final preliminary rounds of the curling tournaments. From 2 pm tot 5 pm it’s up to the men. Of the four games being played at the same time, Scotland versus Norway promises to be the most exciting. From 7 pm tot 10 pm it’s the ladies’ turn, including the reigning champions Sweden against this year’s European champions Germany.

Wednesday is hockey day, as I’ll be attending two quarter finals at Canada Hockey Place. Of course the outcome of the round robin will determine which teams I’ll be seeing, but according to Wikipedia the United States and Canada will play in these matches if qualified (which shouldn’t be a problem).

Originally I hadn’t planned anything for Thursday, but when Cosport made an announcement they had some extra tickets, I decided to add a day trip to Whistler. It wouldn’t be much of a Winter Olympic experience without seeing snow and mountains, would it? So I’m going to take an early bus and watch the 4x5 km relay for women at Whistler Olympic Park. Instead of taking the bus back directly, I’ll probably go down to Whistler Village and do some sightseeing, before heading back later in the day. At night I might go see Wintersleep performing at the Richmond O Zone.

I’ve got a quiet day next with just the women’s curling final from 3 pm to 6 pm. That gives me ample time to explore Vancouver some more. I’ll be back at the Vancouver Olympic Centre the following day for the men’s curling final. Following that I intend to go down to Richmond, to check out the speed skating venue (which is build on the site of the RV Park I once stayed at), the infamous Holland Heineken House and concerts by The Dudes and The Stills at the O Zone. Although it’s my final night in Vancouver I probably won’t make it too late, as my bus leaves at 7 am the next morning. I’ll spend another week in Canada (a little more east) before I fly back to Amsterdam on March 5th.

If you want to try to spot me on TV during the Olympics, here’s where I’ll be sitting:
Feb 23 1400-1700 Curling men’s preliminaries: section 203, row 10, seat 19
Feb 23 1900-2200 Curling women’s preliminaries: section 202, row 16, seat 29
Feb 24 1200-1430 Ice hockey men’s quarter final: section 325, row 15, seat 9
Feb 24 1630-1900 Ice hockey men’s quarter final: section 324, row 12. seat 9
Feb 25 1100-1215 Cross country skiing 4x5km relay women: section 203, row 5, seat 28
Feb 26 1500-1800 Curling women’s final: section 202, row 11, seat 37
Feb 27 1500-1800 Curling men’s final: section 209, row 2, seat 33
See vancouver2010.com for maps of the venues. (or just look for the only guy in orange amongst all the Canadians)

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